7 Ways to Share Your Faith On Pinterest

Pinterest and Faith

Pinterest is a sky-rocketing social media platform that is growing beyond just hobbies and crafts to include businesses, churches, and missions.   The Pinterest service combines the “Following” of Twitter, the “Likes” of Facebook with the Microblogging of Tumblr and the imagery of Instagram.

As we reach out to evangelize, we must be willing to go to new locations, or in this case, with new technologies.

Here a 7 very easy ways to use share your faith on Pinterest!

1) Profile.  Mention your faith in your profile.

Sharing your faith in your profile


2) Pin pictures and videos of your church of serving in your community. Take and share photos and videos.  It helps show God’s grace in action and it just might inspire somebody to reach out and talk to you about your next service project

3) Share Christian authors. Share books of interest on your boards.  Links to great authors like CS Lewis are a great way to share information.

books worth reading CS Lewis

4) Share Christian scriptures & quotes.  Pinterest makes it easy to share.  Take advantage of that and share!

5) Post pictures and videos from missions trips. Missions trips are great photo ops!  Share these photos to inform, encourage, and praise God.

6) Share Christian Artist videos. Reach out to a whole new audience by sharing links to your favorite Christian artists.   Jenny & Tyler, the Digital Age, Holly Starr, Gungor and more!

sharing your faith through videos on Pinterest

7) Listen & engage with other boards. Pinterest is a social media network. The key word is social. It needs to be a two- or three-way communication.

Don’t just share and walk away.

Follow other boards, seek out fellow believers, like your friends and family. View their boards, like them, and share them on your board as well.

You can see that Pinterest is about action or in this case interaction.


Take the lead and engage.

If you are on Pinterest, drop a note in the comments below with your link or you can look me up on Pinterest by my username:  RichardBrashear.



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